Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

UVM semester bills are issued to enrolled students for their semester charges, less pending financial aid and other resources. For a schedule of billing and due dates, see payment and due dates.

To help you plan, we have developed a tool to help you estimate your bill for each semester.

This tool can only be used for full-time undergraduate students (12-19 credits per semester) estimating their bill for fall or spring semester. Part-time, Summer session, Graduate, Non-degree, and Medical students can find complete tuition and fee information on our website.

The results of this tool are estimated and do not supersede actual amounts billed on any previous or future billing statement. For complete information about costs of attending, please visit our website.

Please select your housing and food plan preferences. (Financial aid award offers are based on a traditional double room and the unlimited access meal plan. First-year students are pre-billed for a traditional double room and unlimited access meal plan until actual room adjustments have gone through. The retail points food plan is not available to first-year students until their second semester on-campus).

Please select your housing and food plan preferences.